Hidden Gems: Underrated Hindi Movies You Need to Watch


To watch hindi movies In the vast landscape of Indian cinema, Bollywood often takes center stage, with its glitzy productions and star-studded casts. However, hidden beneath the surface are countless underrated Hindi movies that deserve recognition for their exceptional storytelling, innovative filmmaking, and powerful performances. In this article, we’ll explore a curated list of hidden gems that have flown under the radar but are absolutely worth your time. These films showcase the diversity and depth of Hindi cinema, offering unique perspectives and unforgettable experiences that challenge the conventional Bollywood formula.

The Importance of Exploring Underrated Films

Before we dive into our list of hidden gems, it’s crucial to understand why exploring underrated Hindi movies is essential for any film enthusiast. These lesser-known films often push the boundaries of storytelling, tackle unconventional themes, and provide a platform for emerging talent. By venturing beyond mainstream releases, we open ourselves up to a world of cinematic experiences that can broaden our perspectives and deepen our appreciation for the art of filmmaking.

Hidden Gems: A Curated List

1. “Masaan” (2015)

Directed by Neeraj Ghaywan, “Masaan” is a poignant exploration of love, loss, and societal constraints in small-town India. The film weaves together multiple storylines, each touching on themes of caste, gender, and mortality. With its nuanced performances and haunting cinematography, “Masaan” offers a raw and honest portrayal of life in Varanasi, leaving a lasting impact on viewers.

2. “Trapped” (2016)

Vikramaditya Motwane’s “Trapped” is a gripping survival thriller that follows a man accidentally locked in a high-rise apartment without food, water, or electricity. Rajkummar Rao delivers a tour de force performance in this minimalist yet intense film that explores the human will to survive against all odds. The claustrophobic setting and innovative storytelling make “Trapped” a must-watch for those seeking unconventional cinema.

3. “Titli” (2014)

“Titli” is a gritty family drama directed by Kanu Behl that delves into the dark underbelly of Delhi. The film follows the youngest member of a violent car-jacking brotherhood as he attempts to escape his family’s criminal legacy. With its unflinching portrayal of dysfunctional relationships and societal pressures, “Titli” offers a stark contrast to the romanticized version of family often depicted in mainstream Bollywood.

4. “Aligarh” (2015)

Hansal Mehta’s “Aligarh” is based on the true story of Professor Shrinivas Ramchandra Siras, who faced discrimination and persecution due to his sexual orientation. Manoj Bajpayee delivers a powerful and nuanced performance as the professor, bringing to light the struggles faced by the LGBTQ+ community in India. The film’s sensitive handling of a controversial subject matter makes it a significant contribution to Indian cinema.

5. “Ankhon Dekhi” (2013)

Rajat Kapoor’s “Ankhon Dekhi” is a philosophical comedy-drama that follows a man who decides to only believe what he sees with his own eyes. This quirky premise leads to a heartwarming and thought-provoking exploration of perception, reality, and the human experience. The film’s unique blend of humor and introspection makes it a standout in the realm of independent Hindi cinema.

6. “Mard Ko Dard Nahi Hota” (2018)

Vasan Bala’s “Mard Ko Dard Nahi Hota” (The Man Who Feels No Pain) is a delightful homage to martial arts films and 80s Bollywood. This action-comedy follows a young man with congenital insensitivity to pain as he embarks on a quest to defeat his arch-nemesis. With its inventive fight sequences, quirky characters, and nostalgic references, the film offers a fresh and entertaining take on the superhero genre.

7. “Tumbbad” (2018)

“Tumbbad” is a visually stunning period horror film directed by Rahi Anil Barve and Adesh Prasad. Set in colonial India, the film explores themes of greed and mythology through the story of a family’s obsession with an ancestral treasure. With its atmospheric cinematography, intricate production design, and compelling narrative, “Tumbbad” stands out as a unique and ambitious entry in Indian horror cinema.

8. “Bhonsle” (2018)

Devashish Makhija’s “Bhonsle” stars Manoj Bajpayee as a retired police officer caught in the midst of political and social tensions in Mumbai. The film tackles issues of migration, identity, and belonging with a subtle yet powerful approach. Bajpayee’s restrained performance and the film’s atmospheric storytelling make “Bhonsle” a thought-provoking exploration of contemporary urban India.

9. “Killa” (2014)

Avinash Arun’s “Killa” (The Fort) is a coming-of-age drama that follows an 11-year-old boy adjusting to life in a new town after his father’s death. Set against the backdrop of coastal Maharashtra, the film beautifully captures the innocence of childhood and the complexities of grief. With its sensitive portrayal of adolescence and stunning visuals, “Killa” is a heartwarming gem that resonates with audiences of all ages.

10. “Kadvi Hawa” (2017)

Nila Madhab Panda’s “Kadvi Hawa” (Bitter Wind) is a poignant drama that addresses the impact of climate change on rural India. The film follows two men from different backgrounds whose lives are affected by environmental degradation. With powerful performances by Sanjay Mishra and Ranvir Shorey, “Kadvi Hawa” sheds light on an urgent global issue through a deeply personal lens.

What Makes These Films Special

The films listed above share several qualities that set them apart from mainstream Bollywood productions:

  1. Innovative Storytelling: These movies often employ unconventional narrative structures and storytelling techniques that challenge viewers and push the boundaries of cinema.
  2. Authentic Performances: The actors in these films deliver nuanced and realistic performances, often eschewing the melodramatic style associated with commercial Bollywood.
  3. Social Commentary: Many of these hidden gems tackle important social issues, providing commentary on contemporary Indian society and sparking meaningful discussions.
  4. Visual Aesthetics: From the gritty realism of “Titli” to the fantastical world of “Tumbbad,” these films showcase diverse visual styles that enhance their storytelling.
  5. Character Development: These movies prioritize well-rounded, complex characters over stereotypes, allowing for deeper emotional connections with the audience.

How to Discover More Hidden Gems

If you’re inspired to explore more underrated Hindi films, here are some tips to help you discover hidden gems:

  1. Film Festivals: Keep an eye on Indian and international film festivals, where many independent and art-house films premiere.
  2. Online Streaming Platforms: Explore the Indian cinema sections of streaming services, which often feature a diverse selection of films beyond mainstream releases.
  3. Film Critics and Reviewers: Follow respected film critics and reviewers who champion lesser-known movies and provide insightful recommendations.
  4. Independent Production Houses: Familiarize yourself with independent production companies that consistently produce quality, off-beat films.
  5. Word of Mouth: Engage with fellow film enthusiasts, join online communities, and share recommendations to discover new and exciting movies.


To watch hindi movies The world of Hindi cinema is vast and diverse, offering much more than the glitzy song-and-dance spectacles that often dominate the global perception of Bollywood. By exploring these hidden gems and seeking out underrated films, we open ourselves up to a rich tapestry of stories, perspectives, and cinematic experiences. These movies not only entertain but also challenge our preconceptions, broaden our horizons, and deepen our understanding of Indian culture and society.

As we’ve seen from the films discussed in this article, underrated Hindi movies often tackle important social issues, showcase exceptional talent both in front of and behind the camera, and push the boundaries of what Indian cinema can achieve. By supporting these films and filmmakers, we contribute to a more diverse and vibrant film industry that continues to evolve and surprise audiences around the world.

So, the next time you’re in the mood for a movie night, consider stepping off the beaten path and exploring one of these hidden gems. You might just discover your new favorite film and gain a deeper appreciation for the artistry and storytelling prowess of Hindi cinema. Happy watching!

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