When to book flights from San Francisco to Lisbon

San Francisco is a technology and innovation hotspot, with many technological companies and start-ups situated in the city and the adjacent Silicon Valley. It also houses significant colleges and universities such as the Universidad de San Francisco and the Academy of California, San Francisco. The town has an arid environment, with moderate, rainy winters and dry summers. Its unusual terrain, flanked by the Pacific Ocean and numerous hills, provides conditions inside the city, significant temperature swings contingent upon location.

Lisbon, Portugal’s beautiful capital city, is one of the European most attractive and dynamic capitals. It is a town that combines traditional heritage with striking modernity and foresight. As a vacation their final destination, Lisbon boasts a wide range of the past, a lively nightlife, and a stunning year-round climate. This essay will clarify the reason why you ought to see Lisbon and offer suggestions for making the best possible use of the time you spend there.

We won’t keep you guessing; the least expensive month to fly is the month of February, based on research. Ideal for individuals in need of a weekend getaway or simply a break from it all during the smallest month of the year. Be advised that the most expensive period to fly is around the peak of heat in July, and in the vacation months of December.

Direct (non-stop) flights from San Francisco to Lisbon

Flights from SFO to LIS are operated four times per week, with an average of one journey per day. The times of departure range from 16:20 to 17:40. The first flight departs at 16:20, and the final flight departs at 17:40. But this is subject to which day you fly, so please refer to the full flight schedule above to see which time slots for departure can be booked on your chosen date(s).

You can fly in Business or Economy Class. The route in question does not offer Premium Economy or First Class service (at the very least on a continuous basis).

The quickest direct trip between San Francisco and Lisbon is 11 hours and 5 minutes. The distance between San Francisco and Lisbon is 5,665 miles (9,117 km).

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What airlines fly direct from SFO airport to LIS airport?

TAP Air Portugal provides nonstop service from San Francisco to Lisbon (LIS).

How many morning flights are there from SFO to LIS?

SFO reached its record number of flight operations, averaging around 1,300 flights per day.

Traveling From San Francisco to Lisbon Explore The Beauty 

The more we strolled around and got our bearings, the more we realised that Lisbon shares many similarities with one of our other favourite cities in the world – San Francisco. Lisbon and San Francisco share so much that it stretches beyond geography and infrastructure to transportation, culture, and lifestyle. Here are some commonalities we observed between Lisbon and San Francisco:

Located between a bay and the ocean

When we think of the “west coast,” we immediately think of California, but Portugal correctly touts itself as Europe’s West Coast, and the imagery of sun, sand, and beach inspired by that concept are bang on. Lisbon is principally located on the Tagus River, just before it empties into the Atlantic Ocean, therefore the city is surrounded by so much water that it has long lengths of riverfront property and miles of sandy beaches just beyond the city boundaries.

Founded on seven hills

Another Lisbon-San Francisco parallel: both cities are constructed upon seven steep hills, and because we both love to tour as pedestrians, putting miles of pavement behind us on foot, we can attest to the quad-burning workout in both towns. Climbing those hills, however, is worthwhile because the seven summits of Lisbon and San Francisco both offer breathtaking vistas of the city and the ocean.

How to get the cheapest flight ticket from San Francisco to Lisbon

The best ways to discover inexpensive flights to Lisbon. To secure a lower-than-average price, book at least 5 weeks before departure. The months of January, November, and December are considered high season. May is the cheapest month to fly from the United States.

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