Tips To Make Plus Size Women Look Slim In A Kurti

Upgrading your fashion game as the trend changes is what we all are fond of. We love to change our wardrobe collections occasionally to ensure that we set up a standard with everything new in the market. Ethnic wear has always been our favourite for formal and casual occasions.

With different prints and styles in ethnic wear clothes, you can always find something that makes you stand out from the crowd for the event. For example, a floral print kurta would be the best choice in your wardrobe because floral prints make you look chic and paired with accessories, and a dupatta prepares you for any occasion.

Other than this, you have to take the size and style of your ethnic wear into consideration. Like, if you are a plus size Women and are fond of wearing ethnic clothes, then you should follow this blog for some tips on how to make yourself look slimmer even in a plus size kurti. Enhance your look with these simple tricks to fashion the right way.

Here are some tips to look slim in plus size clothes

1. Straight Cuts Is The Right Direction:

As a plus size Women, opting for a straight-cut kurti is a wonder for you. Straight cuts create a streamlined silhouette, giving the illusion of a slimmer figure and making you look chic. Avoid kurtis with too many frills or extra fabric, as they add unnecessary volume to your body.

2. A Big “No” To Heavy Fabrics:

Everyone is fond of wearing heavy fabrics to occasions like weddings or functions, looking your best. While rich fabrics like silk or brocade have a tremendous luxurious feel to your body and even make you look great, they also make you look larger than your usual size. Choose lightweight and flowy fabrics like plus size cotton kurtis or chiffon to look slimmer. These fabrics drape around your curves, giving a flattering look to your outfit.

3. Mixing Up Your Bottoms:

Another thing to consider is the type of bottoms you will add to your plus size kurti for a complete look. But before choosing the bottoms for your kurta, understand the type of kurta you are buying and what occasion you are buying it for. For example, well-fitted straight pants or leggings instead of loose salwars or palazzos will make you look slimmer and better. Additionally, avoid bottoms with heavy embroideries or excessive gathers as they add bulk to your lower half.

4. Consider Your Height When Buying:

Another important factor to consider while styling a kurti is your height. Height plays a significant role in determining the right length of the kurti for you. For example, a short kurti with a length to your mid-thigh will work perfectly for you if you are shorter. This creates an illusion that you have longer legs. And on the other hand, taller women can go for longer kurtis with their length to the knee or below to balance the height proportion.

5. Create An Illusion With Dark Colors:

As we all know, dark colours make you look slim. So, choosing kurtis in dark shades like black, navy blue, deep maroon, burgundy, or some other dark shade you are fond of is always a good idea. These colours absorb light, creating a visually slimming effect. However, if you are more into brighter shades, you should try experimenting with them according to your skin tone and choice.

6. Small Patterns Are a Better Option

Bigger and heavier patterns make you look heavier with your body weight. So, when choosing patterns and prints for your ethnic wear, always opt for smaller prints and patterns as they make you look how you are and do not add extra weight to your body. Go for floral print kurtas that are long as they make you look slimmer and draw attention to the design. Therefore, they are more inclined towards showing off the design rather than your size.

7. Mandatory Accessorising:

Ethnic wear is incomplete without accessories. Accessories draw a lot of attention to your outfit. And, it would be best if you opted for chic and simple accessories, like a pair of statement earrings, a chunky necklace, or a stylish ring. Adding accessories to your plus size ethnic outfit creates a balanced look. Finally, remember to choose an outfit and comfortable accessories that add to your style.

8. Put On The Right Amount Of Makeup:

The last thing to consider is how much makeup you put on to even your look. Makeup is considered one of the most powerful tools to enhance your features and boost your confidence for any event or occasion. And, to even out your skin tone with your outfit, opt for a well-balanced foundation to match your skin tone, creating a smooth canvas. Also, contouring can help define your facial structure while adding a pop of colour to your lips with the right shade of lipstick and eye to draw attention to your best features.


Fashion means to express yourself through the clothes and accessories you wear to an occasion and how well you complete your look. These are useful for a plus size Women looking for ways not to add extra weight to the clothes to your outfit. These tips will help you elevate your outfit and make you look chic for any event. Experiment with these tips and enhance your outfit with accessories and the right makeup for any occasion.

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