The Mystery of The Monster

When Geoff Johns conceives of his storylines, especially those in the Geiger series and its spinoffs, he uses generic names to refer to them, such as “The Monster,” “The American Widow,” etc. This process can confuse readers who read his interviews trying to glean information on the future of their favorite characters.

This occurred during the creation of “Geiger” a six-issue release of a dystopian graphic novel. Many individuals search for information on “The Beast” or “The Monster” as the creator of the series referred to the character. In fact, the two monomers refer to the same character – the title character, Geiger.

The plot of the six issues in volume one centers around a war that ends Tariq Geiger’s world. He manages to shuttle his family into a fallout shelter before the massive explosions that end the world as he knows it. He miraculously survives the initial explosion, and its ensuing radioactivity transforms him from Tariq to The Monster, The Beast, Joe Glow, or Meltdown Man, as other survivors of the war to end all wars refer to him.

Geiger becomes an instant legend for his survival, but he builds upon this legend through his feats to defend the underground bunker in which his beloved wife and children reside. Though he cannot join them, his unending love for them causes him to defend entry to their underground safety, so he can know that they live on, safely.

Set in the Nevada desert in the year 2050, Geiger issue one sets the stage for the remainder of the storyline. It takes place in the ensuing five future issues of Geiger and two spinoff graphic novels. The writer and illustrator plan many additions to The Unnamed Universe as the residence of Geiger and the other survivors get called. Following the storyline of the series requires careful reading though.

Sometimes, its creators refer to a character by their working name, such as in the case of The Monster. However, in the comic books, that working name goes unused.

Issue number three of Geiger reveals how the character Geiger went from life as a man to a monster that glows in the dark. It also unveils the involvement of Dr. Molotov. The same issue contains the scenes in which the “King of Las Vegas” invades Geiger’s compound.

However, to make the storyline more confusing, another “Beast” lurks in the Nevada desert. This character appears in issue four. Ideally, to best understand the Geiger story arc, you’ll read the issues in order, then the releases of the spinoffs.