The Different Colours Of The Printed Cotton Shirts For a Men

Formal shirts are an essential wardrobe staple for men. Formal shirts are classy and the best for every occasion. One can dress them up or down, as they come in various styles and patterns. Other than this, one should also ensure that the shirt’s fabric is comfortable and durable.

Printed cotton shirt men is the new trend in the market for a stylish look on any occasion. The shirt would make you look great once they are paired with the right type of pants for a complete look. The soft and breathable fabric of the shirt makes it more comfortable to wear and easy to carry.

With a wide range of printed cotton shirts for men, find your style by choosing the right pattern or print according to your preferences. This blog explores the different types of printed cotton shirts you can add to your wardrobe for a business meeting or occasion. 

Here are the different colours and patterns for your wardrobe 

1. Navy Blue Check Printed Cotton Shirt:

Navy Blue is a royal colour that brings out its magnificent visual appeal. Blue has always been our colour, as most men love the colour. And, the shirt features a spread collar and full sleeves look, making it a go for casual and formal occasions. Also, the check print on a navy blue shirt is a timeless pattern, adding a touch of sophistication to your outfit. The navy blue shirt paired with black formal trousers would be the best look for a formal meeting at the office or an office party. Finally, one can look sharp and stylish in this shirt. 

2. Maroon Check Printed Cotton Shirt:

If you are more into more profound and vibrant colours, the Maroon check-printed cotton shirt is for you. And, this would be an excellent choice if you want to make a statement on any occasion. The rich hue of the maroon shade adds a sense of warmth and depth to your overall look. Also, the shirt’s design is tailored to make it perfect for party wear. Therefore, pair the shirt with jeans for a casual look and pants for a formal look for a stylish and outstanding ensemble.

3. Multi Green Modal Cotton Print Shirt:

Is green your colour? If yes, this printed green shirt is the right option. The colour green is something you put on when you are in the mood for something that creates a playful and eye-catching vibe in a room full of people. And, the multi-green shirt has a modal print, which makes it different from usual prints. Also, the modal print is in trend and is the perfect option for you. Therefore, the combination of shades of green creates a lively and energetic look perfect for summer or casual occasions.

4. Multi-Modal Cotton Print Premium Shirt:

The multi-coloured shirt would be another option to make you stand out from the crowd, creating an outstanding and stylish look for you. The shirt has a mix of vibrant colours and a modal print, creating a bold and eclectic look for the day. The shirt and black trousers would make your outfit stand out. Therefore, the prints are bold, and the colours also help create a fun look for you.

5. Beige Satin Print Premium Shirt:

When paired with the right bottoms, the beige colour has a more subtle and sophisticated vibe. This satin shirt is the best option for you as the beauty of the colour and fabric brings out the aesthetics of your formal. The shirt’s fabric makes it inclined more towards elegance and luxury in clothing. The soft and smooth satin fabric adds a touch of luxury, and the prints and pattern of the shirt add a subtle hint of style to your ensemble. Finally, try dressing up the shirt with tailored trousers for a refined look at the party.


The variety of printed cotton shirts for men offers various colours to suit different preferences and styles. Whether you prefer vibrant and bold shades or subtle and classic tones, there is a colour option for everyone. The versatility of these shirts allows them to be easily styled for casual or formal occasions, making them a must-have in every men’s wardrobe. Printed cotton shirts in various colours will elevate any outfit and make a statement with their comfort, breathability, and fashionable appeal. Finally, explore the different colours available to add a touch of personality and style to your wardrobe.

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