Screen printing custom t-shirts

Screen printing custom t-shirts

Screen printing on customized T-shirts is a printing technique that allows you to obtain high-quality T-shirts with bright colors. Screen printing is ideal for orders with of many t shirts printing, as it allows you to better amortize the initial cost of the printing system. This allows for very low prices on productions with many items.

Screen printing has a long tradition, dating back to the invention of hand printing in the 15th century. The technique has changed little over the years, although the use of semi-automatic and automatic machines for printing has been introduced.

Today, screen printing on custom T-shirts is still one of the most popular and used printing techniques for T-shirts and other textiles.

If you are looking for high quality custom T-shirts, screen printing is the ideal solution.

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We can print T-shirts in any color and design to suit your needs.

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What is Screen Printing?

Screen printing is a printing process that is mostly used to print designs onto textiles.

The process is relatively simple and can be done both manually and automatically. Screen printing is the most commonly used printing method for printing custom T-shirts, especially for large quantity orders.

The printing is done using a stencil (=print frame), which allows you to apply the design onto the shirt precisely. The frame is nothing more than a frame with a tightly woven canvas on which the design to be printed is “engraved”.

How do you create a screen printing frame?

First of all, a special light-sensitive substance is applied evenly to the frame. Once this is done, the drawing to be printed is printed in solid black on a transparent transparency. The glossy printed on the frame is applied and it is exposed, for a specific time, to UV lamps. In this way the substance applied to the frame (which we remember is photosensitive) will dry in the points where the design is not present. The printed parts of the design will in fact block the light, leaving those dots removable through the water.

A stencil will then be created through which, by manual or mechanical pressure, the ink will be passed and applied to the shirt.

For images with multiple colors, a frame for each color will be created.

For this reason, screen printing is certainly the cheapest choice for orders with images with few colors (and no shades).

The advantages of screen printing

The main advantage of screen printing is that it is relatively simple to do and does not require much manpower. Also, the printing process is quite fast, making it ideal for printing large quantities of T-shirts.

Another advantage of screen printing is that it is possible to obtain a high quality print with very vivid colours. By applying the paste ink directly on the frame, you will be sure of an always full and opaque colour. Furthermore, there is the possibility of recreating Pantone colors, for a better color match with your graphics.

Finally, screen printing is also very versatile. it can be used to print on any type of fabric and can be used to print on other materials as well, such as plastic, metal and glass.

This makes screen printing a great option for many different print projects.

Prices for screen printing

The costs of screen printing vary according to the quantity of pieces to be printed, the number of colors present in the graphics and on how many sides the graphics must be applied.

Below we have prepared a table with sample prices, do not hesitate to contact us for a free, no-obligation quote!

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