Like Degas in Walmart, Mitch Long’s paintings rock Jazz Fest | Louisiana Festivals

Nobody’s ever painted the French Quarter greater than Mitch Long. His spare, brushy canvases completely reproduce the ramshackle geometry and pastel light of the Vieux Carré, with barely a whisper of sentimentality.

He calls himself a realist, but which is a little bit as well uncomplicated. He’s like Bob Dylan, practically incomprehensible, but properly precise at the exact same time.

Lengthy came to Louisiana from Florida in the 1990s to gain a master’s diploma in great art at LSU he moved to New Orleans quickly after. For a 10 years, Lengthy sharpened his competencies as he gained a dwelling providing paintings on the fence at Jackson Square.

About six months ago, Very long reported, a buddy dared him to utilize his powers of observation and lush brushwork to, of all items, the interior of Costco or other huge-box shops.

Long took up the gauntlet and began rendering vignettes within the suppliers of mega-suppliers. Imagine bunches of bananas and tubs of strawberries creeping together conveyor belts, clients pushing their carts together the polished floors, beneath the grid of fluorescent lights, and fluorescent lights, and fluorescent lights. His paintings, based on pictures that he took in the shops, had been gorgeous, however emotionally chilly, and mysterious, and spaced out. Somnambulistic you might say.


Artist Mitch Extended is well-recognised for his brushy, atmospheric paintings of the French Quarter. Recently he is turned his powers of observation to the interior of huge box merchants, like Walmart and Costco.

Deliberately or not, they were being unquestionably perfect for the socially distanced, fearful period in which they ended up generated. They were symbols of the periods, with no any immediate symbolism. And considering they were painted by the exact same dude who’d made a name for himself documenting the intimate, historic Vieux Carré, they experienced a specified tang of irony as perfectly.

Requested to outline his new aesthetic, Very long explained it looked a small “like Degas in Walmart.” There is no need to test to set it any additional succinctly.

On Friday, Lengthy did not have any of his big box paintings on the walls of his booth. You experienced to root them out of a bin of miniature artworks. He had a massive Costco painting stowed absent guiding the scenes, which he dragged out when asked. He reported he might hold it up by Saturday. His works selection from $600 to $7,000. 


Artist Mitch Long is very well-regarded for his brushy, atmospheric paintings of the French Quarter. Currently he’s turned his powers of observation to the interior of big box suppliers, like Walmart and Costco.

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