Extract Audio From Instagram Video Download

Instagram users often add music to their Reels to enhance the content and draw viewers’ interest. This helps engage viewers and captures viewers’ attention.

But sometimes they want to keep the featured song for themselves, so they look for ways to convert Instagram Reel videos to MP3 formats. Below are a few ways that will help them do this.


Instagram Reels allows users to easily create short videos using music and can include up to 30 seconds of it, which adds another element that makes these Reels engaging and interesting. There are millions of popular tracks available through Reels that users can utilize. Many use this feature to share their favorite tunes on Instagram; if you would like a specific track downloaded for offline listening purposes, however, third-party services might be needed for that.

Reel videos on Instagram provide an ideal platform for you to showcase your creative side. From laugh-out-louds to epic dance-offs, reel videos are an engaging way of showing off your artistic abilities. Once you find one you like, tap the three-dot icon next to the Instagram logo on your profile to find it and save it onto your phone for future use; although this process may be time-consuming.

To download Reels on an iPhone requires using an online tool that enables Instagram video download. There are various options for this; some require third-party apps or even PC access; Reelsaver is one such app that offers MP3 downloads directly from any Instagram Reel viewed on either an Android or iOS device; it is also compatible with most mobile browsers.

Reelsaver allows users to not only Instagram video download Reels but also to customize them with music from their collection. This feature makes adding audio easy so that you can create your customized soundtracks for videos on Instagram Reels. Furthermore, public accounts enable other Instagram users to use “Use My Original Audio” and create their versions of your reels by tapping “Share this” or by tapping “Use my Original Audio”.

Use a screen recording app on your iPhone to record Reel videos. This could involve using either the stock or third-party camera app, or one such as Camtasia or Snagit for video capture.


When producing video content for social media, audio should play an integral part. Songs can add emotion and personality to your work, making Kapwing’s online video editor perfect for editing audio tracks – upload any MP3 and select when it should start playing during your video, perfect for adding music, sound effects or voiceovers to videos – or creating ringtones using this tool!

To create a video with sound, first select an Instagram or TikTok video and click “Create”, before choosing whether you wish to crop or save full versions. When your video has been saved, exporting or downloading is possible depending on its length – always check before doing either!

Are you looking for ways to make your videos stand out on Instagram? Try adding music! Adding a song is a surefire way to captivate an audience and add visual interest; use different tools (reversing direction or changing speed) to make your content even more captivating!

Kapwing makes creating captioned videos and transcriptions simple for users who require non-native speakers, especially with its easy captioning functionality and audio layering features that let users add background music or voiceovers with MP3 files for extra control of videos.

Kapwing is an award-winning video editing and content creation platform used by creative agencies, musicians, filmmakers, record labels, digital marketers, and SMBs alike. The intuitive user interface makes Kapwing ideal for editing online video footage quickly, working collaboratively with teams on content reformating for every platform, photo collage generation meme generator resizing video adding audio/music files & more – among other features!

This app is free, however there are paid plans available for those needing additional features. The Pro plan offers affordable exports with a watermark, while Enterprise accesses all tools in the platform.


AhaSave is a free app that enables users to easily Instagram video download and photos as MP3 files, as well as offers a web-based version without installation requirements. This service supports saving Reels, IGTV Shows, Stories, and Highlights; also offers features to mute audio/view video in landscape mode and share it on other platforms; additionally, there’s even the option for auto-downloading Reels based on a timeline.

AhaSave Downloader provides another excellent alternative for Instagram video download: it enables users to download videos and images from all major social media applications – TikTok, Instagram, and Twitter among them – as well as download YouTube or Vimeo videos and copy song links from Spotify. However, please keep in mind that all intellectual property rights and interests associated with content on these platforms belong solely to their publishers.

To download Instagram Reels, first find its URL. Next, launch the Mp3Juice and paste that link into its input box; after which click “Save.” Within moments, your phone will have downloaded it for you to enjoy whenever and wherever it suits you – even offline! AhaSave supports both iOS and Android devices and offers an intuitive user experience that is completely safe to use.

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