Conceptual Paintings Contain Real-Life Observations With Humorous Twist

Conceptual Paintings Contain Real-Life Observations With Humorous Twist

“The Replacement”

Whether or not it is including stripes to a tiger or plucking petals from human-sized bouquets, Toni Hamel dreams up uncanny situations and delivers them to everyday living in her sensible paintings. The Canada-dependent artist combines her observations of the globe with her personal particular encounters to produce understated compositions with a humorous undertone.

Hamel methods each and every new function with a practical style that appears to location these whimsical narratives on a stage with a “painted on” backdrop. Her quiet-confronted figures appear at relieve with what is occurring about them and with what they’re undertaking themselves—regardless of how improbable it may well be. Often, she merges two distinct worlds, such as cartoons and serious-everyday living or artwork record and surreal figures. Subject & Stream I, for occasion, depicts a hunter aiming his rifle at Tweety fowl, the legendary cartoon character. “All of my perform (whether series of stand-by yourself pieces) share the identical conceptual underpinning which is political in character,” Hamel clarifies to My Contemporary Satisfied.

“I refer to my perform as ‘an illustrated commentary on human frailties,’” she carries on. “My intention is to expose selected realities and/or areas of human behavior that I uncover to be at least peculiar if not thoroughly absurd. These may pertain to our perspective towards possibly the natural setting (additional often than not), the self, or other beings. Pointing to historical references, well-liked tradition, and our recent contemplating designs, I develop satirical narratives that consider to alert us about the repercussions of our behavior.”

Even when the tales of these paintings look outlandish, the muted atmosphere of the canvases cements the activities in a place in which it feels ok to suspend our disbelief and dig into the concealed meanings.

Scroll down to see extra conceptual paintings by Hamel, and follow the artist on Instagram to hold up to date with her latest projects.

Canada-primarily based artist Toni Hamel produces conceptual paintings with a humorous twist.

Funny Conceptual Paintings by Toni Hamel

“He Enjoys Me. He Loves Me Not.”

Funny Conceptual Paintings by Toni Hamel

“Like a Fish Out of H2o (Substantial)”

Her series Large Tides and Misdemeanors is an “illustrated commentary on human frailties.”

Funny Conceptual Paintings by Toni Hamel

“Der Blaue Reiter”

Funny Conceptual Paintings by Toni Hamel

“Ikebana III”

Hamel merges her personal ordeals with her observations of the earth in these dreamlike compositions.

Funny Conceptual Paintings by Toni Hamel

“Field & Stream I”

Funny Conceptual Paintings by Toni Hamel

“The Spill”

Funny Conceptual Paintings by Toni Hamel


Toni Hamel: Website | Fb | Instagram

My Contemporary Achieved granted permission to characteristic photographs by Toni Hamel.

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