Artwork Gallery: Navajo Photographer Priscilla Tacheney

Navajo photographer Priscilla Tacheney’s photographs are robust and finely orchestrated. And they are entire of this means.

In a single of Navajo photographer Priscilla Tacheney’s award-profitable photos, a coyote with a deer skin at his toes is superimposed onto a history of a mountain variety and a starry sky. In a different, a girl stands on the edge of a cliff with the tail of a swirl of corn pollen at her fingertips. Graphic and sharp, the images are sturdy and finely orchestrated. And they are total of that means. 

“As a Navajo, it is important for me to share my classic tales, and keep that likely for the people today in my culture and for the younger men and women in my tribe,” claims Tacheney, who lives in Prescott Valley, Arizona. “We have classic storytellers that are telling stories and building illustrations in guides and trying to maintain our tales alive for the generation driving us, and I’m making use of photography to do that as perfectly.” 


Just after doing work as a graphic designer for the Prescott Every day Courier, and then for 14 decades as a good artwork photographer — primarily focusing on landscapes, then portraiture, and in some cases blending the two — Tacheney produced the conclusion to choose her pictures in a various way, towards anything extra conceptual. “I began performing far more storytelling, putting composite shots collectively to inform a tale influenced by Navajo standard tales and build a little something wonderful, like an art piece,” suggests Tacheney, who shoots with a Nikon D750. “My model is extra like a painter. R.C. Gorman, a effectively-regarded Navajo painter who painted women of all ages in a simplistic way, is one particular of my influences. I want to exhibit the elegance of my folks.”

Each and every component of her photos is intentional, a symbolic representation of anything much more. The one particular with the coyote, the hide, the mountains, and the stars is a photographic illustration of a Navajo creation tale the Milky Way is the consequence of the coyote’s impatience with the Earth’s creators, the holy men and women, who ended up meticulously putting the stars in the sky, a person by one particular. “But the coyote, he’s off in the length and he’s seeing and on the fourth working day, he became impatient and he resolved that it was using much too very long, so he picked up the disguise in his mouth and threw up the stones, and that’s how we acquired the Milky Way,” she states.  


One particular picture is layered on leading of one more and manipulated so it seems as a person. It often will take up to 40 several hours from begin to end, as Tacheney blends the shades with each other a lot like a painter would do. In the corn-pollen piece, the photograph of a female wearing a purple and white blanket standing on a cliff’s edge was taken on the Navajo reservation wherever she grew up and where by she normally takes numerous of her landscape images. “I had some pictures of clouds, and I added in the corn pollen, and with Photoshop, I manufactured the cloud go in a swirl,” she suggests. “I’ve progressed into a photographer who does graphic art. I invest hrs making an attempt to perform with these visuals to glance like I shot it that way. My graphic style and design background and figuring out Photoshop and years of training genuinely help me mix my illustrations or photos to in which they appear seamless and authentic.”

However, not all people will get it, at minimum not at very first, she claims. “Once someone suggests, ‘Can you notify me what this is?’ and when I clarify to them what it implies, it is immediately ‘Oh my gosh, I have to have that piece.’ The moment they recognize what it indicates, it will get offered.” 

As a result of the Lens of Navajo Photographer Priscilla Tacheney will be on check out by March 31 at Amerind Museum in Dragoon, Arizona ( See her function on her web-site:

From our February/March 2022 issue 

Pictures: (All photos) courtesy Priscilla Tacheney