5 reasons why you shouldn’t miss Kamal Haasan’s Vikram

Tamil superstar Kamal Haasan’s Vikram is due in cinemas this Friday. The 67-year-old star has created a new benchmark in Kollywood with his marketing blitz across the world. In the last 10 days, Kamal travelled to cities across the country and even flew out to other countries to create awareness about Vikram’s theatrical release.

But, there are more reasons to watch Vikram besides Kamal’s aggressive promotions. Here are five reasons why you should not miss Vikram in cinemas.

Kamal Haasan’s comeback

It’s funny that we have seen and read a lot about Kamal when he had no movie release in the last four years. Since his foray into television as the host of Bigg Boss Tamil, which has completed five seasons, we have seen Kamal a lot. He also made more headlines after entering active politics. But, we missed seeing him do what he does best: acting, writing and directing. Vikram seems like a complete package which will fill the void of four years. It has non-stop action, Kamal delivering punchlines, singing and dancing. He has written and sung the folk number “Pathala Pathala”, and we deserve to enjoy it on the big screen.

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5 reasons why you shouldn’t miss Kamal Haasan’s VikramPremium
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Multi-starrer like none other

It is not every Friday that you see the biggest stars of south Indian cinema coming together in a movie. It’s something that rarely happens in Tamil cinema. And Lokesh Kanagaraj has pulled a casting coup of sorts by putting Kamal Haasan, Vijay Sethupathi and Fahahd Faasil in the same movie. Imagine, you have no clue about Suriya’s cameo in the movie, and he suddenly pops up in the third act, startling and exciting you at once. Lokesh did a solid job keeping Suriya’s presence in the movie under wraps during the production. If not for eagle-eyed fans who spotted Suriya in the trailer, Lokesh would have pulled off this surprise.

Suriya in Vikram.

Lokesh Kanagaraj

Lokesh is just three films old but he has managed to acquire a lot of real estate in the Tamil film industry. Since Kaithi in 2019, his growth in terms of popularity and influence has been huge. He directed Maanagaram with a bunch of new faces and stepped up to Karthi for Kaithi, and then he made Master with Vijay. Before we know it, he is calling shots in a film starring Kamal Haasan, who he considers his mentor. That’s the true meaning of success.

Non-stop action thriller

The trailer of Vikram has promised just one thing: action, action and more action. Lokesh researched the guns for about two months before assembling the weapons of all shapes and sizes. From a revolver to a high calibre machine gun that can bring down a large aircraft, he seems to have gone berserk in imagining and executing gun battles. The stunt sequences are choreographed by the stunt duo Anbu and Arivu. No matter what, we can rest assured that fight scenes won’t disappoint us.

vikram first glance kamal haasan Kamal Haasan in Vikram.

The beginning of a franchise?

Vikram is the title of Kamal Haasan’s 1986 movie. It was about an off-duty spy, who gets drawn into an international conspiracy and prevents a rocket bomb from exploding. But, this Vikram doesn’t have anything to do with the predecessor. But, this movie could very well be the beginning of a film franchise. If you may, a Lokesh Kanagaraj cinematic universe. Die-hard fans have already found the scorpion symbol on a sack full of drugs in the trailer of Vikram, linking it to a similar package in Kaithi. Meanwhile, Kamal has also revealed the possibility of making a sequel to Vikram with Suriya’s character.