3 Methods to Decide Between Veneer and Panel Moulded Doors for Your Interiors

Doors are fundamental to a home’s aesthetic appeal. When selecting the ideal doors for your home, it is crucial that they enhance the interior decor of your home, contribute to the ambience you want to achieve, and ultimately give you the security of knowing you are safe within the four walls of your home.

There are many kinds of doors in the market, but veneer and moulded doors are highly preferred for homes and offices due to their attractiveness and durability. Before determining which of the two could be a better fit for your taste and budget, there are a few key differences between veneered and moulded doors that you need to consider.

What are Veneer and Panel Moulded Doors?

Veneers are thin sheets of wood that are applied to flush doors to provide finishing to a variety of surfaces to enhance their strength and longevity while also giving them the appearance of solid, real wood. Their grain patterns exhibit natural wood uniquely designed for each door.

Moulded doors are frequently favoured for home interiors, workplaces, and other buildings rather than outdoors. Since they are hollow within and contain softwood skins for their inner frames, they are less resilient in some surroundings.

Methods to choose between Veneer and Panel Moulded Doors

Materials and Composition

The right choice of doors for your home requires an understanding of the elements of the doors that are being used. Veneer doors are flush doors that have veneer sheets adhered on top of the surface to give the doors a wooden effect. These doors are constructed from plywood, which is attached to a wooden structure and contains solid wood fillers internally. The surface of the door is then given an aesthetic appeal using veneer sheets.

Panel Moulded Doors are made from either wood, fibreglass, or other such materials. These doors have stiles vertically and rails horizontally and they come in a variety of panels such as 2,3, and 4 panels. Panel doors are manufactured on-site of construction.

The Longevity and Strength Factor

The strength and durability of the product is a critical factor to be kept in mind while selecting the perfect doors. Many things on the market may appear to be quite intriguing and aesthetically pleasing, but they also need to be of high quality to be functional.

For a long-lasting performance, veneer doors should be of high quality. The strength of the doors is significantly influenced by the plywood’s quality. Poor plywood and veneer sheets can influence the strength of the doors and reduce their performance over time.

Similarly, Panel moulded doors can last a long time if the quality of materials is appropriate. The stiles and rails offer structural support to the door. Given that panel doors are made of natural wood, quality and maintenance are extremely important for their durability and strength.

The Appeal and Appearance

The elegance of your doors can significantly improve the quality of your living space. When compared to natural wooden doors, veneer doors are light in weight and convenient. With the help of veneer sheets, which are thin sheets of real wood adhered with the help of an adhesive to the flat surface frequently made of plywood, veneer doors can be made to appear as classy as wooden doors.

Because of their attractive appearance and aesthetics, moulded panel doors are also a preferred choice. They come in multi-panel configurations including 3, 4, and 6 panels. These doors can be easily painted and polished to match the décor of the space. Consider the purchase of these materials to be an investment that will surely give long term dividends.


Veneer doors and Moulded Panel Doors each have their advantages. Veneer doors would require less maintenance due to their easy cleaning and stain-resistant properties while Panel Moulded doors would be a more durable option.

Both these doors have an aesthetically pleasing look and would add liveliness to any décor. CenturyPly offers high-quality Veneer and Panel Moulded doors to choose from. Their vast collection of doors gives you numerous options to choose from according to what is best for your home.

However, users must ensure to research about the products and consider above mentioned factors such that the best material is selected. It is imperative that individuals select the material that compliments their independent idea and design. Be sure to collaborate with the CenturyPly team to gain more detailed information about this topic.

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