11 SEO Strategies To Boost Wix Store Performance

Wix is an online platform that provides a base for multiple brands. It is a digital platform to create, manage, and design your business. Out of many, Wix is a superior ecommerce platform to boost the ranking and performance of your store. Apart from this, the visibility of your e-commerce brand is a significant factor that affects the overall functioning of your e-commerce website.

To boost visibility, you have the best option called SEO, which stands for search engine optimization. SEO is a technique that improves the ranking of your Wix store. Thus, to provide you with the best solution, we came up with this blog. Here, we will provide you with the 11 best Wix SEO strategies that will help your store rank on the top of other websites.

Top SEO Stratgies For Wix Store

These are the top ways to boost the ranking of the Wix store website. Additionally, you can get assistance from the Wix SEO services provider to avoid any glitches. 

Using Specific Words to Improve Your SEO:

When potential customers search for products, they often use specific phrases or questions. These are called long-tail keywords. For instance, instead of “shoes,” they might search for “comfortable running shoes for women.” Understand your audience and incorporate such phrases naturally into your product descriptions and titles.

Ensure to choose a suitable domain for your website:

Your domain is your online address. It should ideally reflect your store’s name and be easy to remember. Choose a domain that is concise, relevant to your products, and easy to spell. This makes it easier for people to find you and remember your web address.

Craft Original Titles and Descriptions for Your Content:

Each product in your store should have a unique title and description. Avoid duplicate content, as search engines don’t rank it. Craft engaging and informative product descriptions that not only describe the product but also entice the customer to make a purchase.

Ensure Mobile Compatibility:

With the majority of internet users browsing on their smartphones, having a mobile-friendly website is no longer an option but a necessity. Wix provides mobile optimization tools to ensure your store looks and functions well on both computers and mobile devices.

Make sure to submit a sitemap:

So, XML sitemaps basically provide details and additional information about your website, such as its content, images, videos, website structure, and more. This information is structured in a file that is read by search engines like Google, and it helps them crawl and index your website and improve its ranking. 

Optimize for Local Searches:

If your store caters to a local audience, optimize it for local searches. Include your city or region in your keywords, titles, and meta descriptions. Also, create a Google My Business profile for your store. This enhances your chance of showing up in local searches.

Ensure Your Site Is Well-Arranged:

A well-structured and mannered website always ranks high and engages users to stay longer on the website which directly improves the click-through rate. For this, use clean headings and subheadings. Make your website easy for search engines to understand and visitors to navigate.

Caption Your Images:

Images are vital in e-commerce. However, search engines can’t see images; they depend on alt text. When uploading product images, use descriptive alt tags that include relevant keywords. This small step can significantly improve your store’s accessibility and SEO.

Create Useful Content:

Apart from product descriptions, consider having a blog or informational page related to your niche. Regularly update your site with valuable, relevant content. This not only provides value to your visitors but also gives search engines more content to index, boosting your SEO efforts.

Acquire Additional Backlinks:

Backlinks are links from other websites to yours. They are like votes of confidence in the eyes of search engines. Encourage reputable websites to link to your store. Quality matters over quantity. A few high-quality backlinks can do wonders for your SEO. So, acquiring backlinks is important.

Continuously Strive for Improvement:

If you have a well-optimized Wix website that is SEO friendly, it doesn’t mean that your store will rank continuously high. To maintain the position, you have to keep things clean and continue, which is only possible by maintaining consistency in SEO practice. 

Search engine optimization is not a single-day task. It requires regular monitoring and changes. You have to match it and change the website accordingly. Modify the content, structure, meta tags, and other things. 

Thus, these are the 11 Wix SEO boosting techniques that you must consume and practice. 


In this blog, we have explained the importance and benefits of the Wix ecommerce platform. After that, we walk through the best SEO strategies to improve the ranking of ecommerce websites.

Additionally, you can hire an Ecommerce SEO agency like MakkPress Technologies to enhance your website visibility and ranking. Also, they provide all the ecommerce services.

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